Project & Operations Management

The BaiDos Team will help you maximize operations by creating or updating your organization’s “tool box.” The organization’s Policies and Procedures Manual, for example, is a living, breathing document that forms the foundation for business and service delivery. Let us create or update your documents to be in compliance with professional standards, best practices or governance code.

Policies and Procedures Manual

We will review any regulatory agency requirements and research current applicable laws. We then will take the next steps to write and/or edit policies and procedures to bring your organization into compliance.

Employee Handbook

Many times employees think or say “This place has too many rules!” We will combine essential policies and procedures into a user-friendly employee handbook.


Do you have a report deadline looming? Send the information and guidelines to the BaiDos Team for a reasonable electronic turnaround. The BaiDos Team also conducts library research if your report requires reference to empirical research studies.

Accreditation or Licensure Visits

Are you faced with a set of newly published codes, standards or best practices? The BaiDos Team will cross-walk codes, standards and practices for internal and external compliance. We then will recommend revisions, create an implementation time-line, and mentor work teams to bring your organization into compliance for an on-site visit.

Operational Budget Preparation (Small Organizations Only)

The BaiDos Team has prepared operational budgets (salary and non-salary) for up to $500,000. Send us the financial data and we will work with you to project annual expense and revenue.